SPA Bike


Spa Bike range was developed in collaboration with health and aesthetics professionals.
With the experience of our partners and our expertise we have designed excellence into this
concept that combines wellness, fitness, weight loss and medical treatment. Three treatments in

For aesthetics, wellness Centre, fitness:
The first parameter gives you access to the therapy, colour therapy and aromatherapy.
The second gives you access to fitness thanks to an incorporated bike pedal into our machine, you
can enjoy the pleasures of cycling with the benefits of water. With the optional electrically assisted
pedal you access an incredible comfort!
The last parameter allows us to manage cellulite and orange peel, with powerful jets and rotary,
you will see a significant reduction of these problems. And thanks to “Ozone” medical treatment,
you give a glow to your skin.
Thanks to the triple action, you lose 700 Kcal on average with 20 minutes per session.

For the medical world:
– The combined action of water and exercise has long been recognised
– Zen’s range will help you in
– Reduction of cellulite
– Reducing water retention (swollen legs, varicose problem, heavy leg)
– Reduction of lymphedema
– Recovery muscular development of muscle mass
– Cardiovascular resistance
– Functional Recovery

The Spa Bike is specially designed for the sports and medical environments. With an implanted
bike in upright position, it provides a rehabilitation or intensive training.
The door provides easy access to the machine. The Spa Bike is available in 1600 different colours.
The Spa Bike is both ergonomic in size, and efficiency and has an unmatched design.
The quality of the materials used are of very high level, the control panel lets you manage all the
functions of

The combination of 4 components in one capsule.

Exercise on Hydrobike lead to fast results in process of cellulite

10 Jets for hydromassage, are targeted on sensitive zones. Thanks to drainage effect, which activates lymphatic system, they are efficiently fighting "orange skin effect". One of effects of using water bike in capsule is simpler body building while changing fat tissue into muscles.


Unique connection of 4 elements: water, bike, hydromassage and ozone.
Using the bike in conjunction with hydrostatic water resistance leads to measurable
results without the need of intense physical training.


Exercise in the water in spa capsule (not as hard as exercises in the pool), maximum
hygiene (change of water after each treatment),simple use no problems after each use
(only lower part of body is underwater)does not require help of professional operator
flexible timing of sessions.


With no load on the joints, HydroBike delivering results for people of all ages. Both
for those who seek aesthetic changes and for those who want relaxation during
Exercise during session improve lymph circulation have drainage effect on adipose
tissue. Ozone that is released during the treatment, effect similar to micro-peeling for
the skin thanks to production of oxygen.

Production technology

The tank is made entirely of fiber glass Tight door with a unbreakable glass The
saddle is made with stainless steel and anodized aluminum, fully adjustable. Setting
the resistance while pedaling
is easy. It offers strong support to meet the requirements of the user. The pedals are
made of stainless steel, suitable for use in water. Hydrobike was entirely made in
Poland and designed by industry leaders.
components in one capsule.
fast results in process of
targetted on sensitive
effect, which activates
efficiently fighting "orange
using water bike in
while changing fat
elements: water, bike, hydromassage and ozon.
with hydrostatic water resistance leads to measurable results without
professional operator


Hydrobike been carefully designed so as to minimize its size, while keeping the space
needed to carry out the exercise.
Tub width (excluding removable panels) is 79 cm. This means that the tub can be
inserted into any room, avoiding the cost of remodeling.
Dimensions:Width 79cm ;Length 155cm; Height 150cm






Om oss

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