Studio in Hampton


Lymphatic Massage by ROLL Shape 

1 Session 60min-£49
3 Session 45min each £120
3 Sessions - 60Min each £45
3 Sessions - 45Min each £39




 Manual MASSAGE treatments 

Swedish Massage                                      60min -£45     90min -£65
Deep Tissue Massage                                 60min  -£50    90min -£70
Sports Massage                                          60min -£50    90min -£70 
Relaxation Massage                                    60min -£45    90min-£65
Neck & Shoulder Massage                           15min -£15     30min -£25
Foot Massage and half  leg                          15min -£15      30min-£25
Lymphatic Massage full Body                       60min -£50       90min-£70

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Facial Massage

Foot Massage

Gift vouchers available

   Lymphatic Massage By ROLL SHAPE MACHINE


Price list


Microblading brows £250

Shading/ Ombre brows £240

Combined brows  £280

Eyeliner  £240

Aquarel lips  £280

 NOTE: 30 min Free consultation is necessary prior the treatment

 Touch up in 4-6 weeks included in the price 

Special offer: 

Get two areas and get £50 off

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About us

Newly established certified massage and fitness studio “BODY SHAPE” is a novelty in United Kingdom Top quality equipment will help you embellish the body lines, get rid of unwanted pounds, improve the body’s well-being. This not only benefit for your figure but also for your health!

Three different machines with special features will help your body effectively adjust your body shape and really surprise you with their rejuvenating effects. All of our machines function, individually and collectively, create a complex effect on you and your body. You will not have to toil in the gym and the results will exceed your expectations.