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Welcome !

Newly established certified massage and fitness studio “BODY SHAPE”  Heath and Bueaty Studio,is a novelty in United
Kingdom Top quality equipment will help you embellish the body lines, get rid of unwanted pounds,
improve the body’s well-being. This not only benefit for your figure but also for your health!

Three different machines with special features will help your body effectively adjust your body
shape and really surprise you with their rejuvenating effects. All of our machines function,
individually and collectively, create a complex effect on you and your body. You will not have to toil
in the gym and the results will exceed your expectations.

We looking forward for mothers with children – not only you but also your baby will have fun time in
comfortable and beneficial environment.

Come here with friends – enjoying innovations and discoveries is a hundred times more fun, when
you do it together!

Thoughtful passage of time, some rest from everyday worries while in oasis of beauty and health,
and surprisingly effective results … Just do not say that you never dreamed about it!…

So, we waiting your visit and smile with great joy!








Roll Body Shape is a massage that is designed to effectively stimulate lymph circulation. It helps eliminate waste products and toxins from your body, such as cellulite. It reduces swelling and improves your skin's overall condition. Roll massage, improves your skin's elasticity and its firmness. It helps to speed up metabolism in your muscles as well as your subcutaneous parts.
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The latest discovery of vibration. So far unknown vibrating technique used in Vibra causes intensive rotation vibrations which employ fatty tissues. Adipocytes influenced by intensive vibrations rub each other and burn. Vibrations also cause cramps in involved parts of muscles, making them use almost all fibers and increase efficiency in much more effective way than traditional training methods.
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Vacu bodyshape

Body shape is new and device for weight loss. You can work on treadmill, stepper or bike while using all benefits from vacuum and infrared. Machine is design to satisfy needs of both beginners and advanced users.
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SPA Bike

Spa Bike range was developed in collaboration with health and aesthetics professionals. With the experience of our partners and our expertise we have designed excellence into this concept that combines wellness, fitness, weight loss and medical treatment. Three treatments in one!
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infra-shape is a result of years of research to improve knowledge about process of metabolism and fat accumulation in body. Conclusions taken from this researches revealed that fat accumulates mostly in only some parts of body. After that people who took part in tests where subjected to exercise this part of body where most of fat was accumulated. some of them used external factors like vacuum during exercise.
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