Customer feedback

Staff are very friendly and professional . I would recommend the studio to others as it was very nice thank you

Good professional staff, very clean, machines very effective.

Thank you for a wonderful session.

I used Body Shape to loose 10 kg in two months and helped me a lot! So I lost 7 kg in 6 weeks ,I used to go twice a week. It also relieves stress and gives more energy.I recommend to those people who want to loose weight and tone their body and for health reasons also.
Raimonda Juse

A big thank you to Ina Vasiljeva and Anika Dmitruk ,you girls are amazing at what you do and it's good to be friends with you both.
I am so happy That After Ina measured me tonight , I have lost between 3.5cm & 6cm on areas between my upper chest and belly in half a dozen appointments.
Emilio Sanchez

It started in March 2013 when I noticed new business, called Body Shape, had opened in Hampton.
I was with my friend Oshika. We could see it was for weight loss and so we were interested and went in. I was immediately impressed with atmosphere. The staff ware friendly and the studio had a relaxing and homely feel. Ina and Anika showed us the machines and explained how we could achieve results and offered us a taster session. Back home, I phoned to book a session.
Dressed in leggings and a sleeveless top, I had my first time on Roller Shaper machine. When I got back home my muscles ached as if I had done a big workout and I felt good. I decided that I liked it and I would commit to going to Body Shape.
The machine felt strange at first but after three sessions my body to used to it and I looked forward to my three session each week. The machine has different programmes so the treatment can be tailored personally to individual needs. Ina and Anika also introduced me to their diet, which is in three stages and I started on the first stage. They asked me to see my doctor for blood tests, which would help to devise the best diet for me. I found that I have an underactive thyroid so losing weight is difficult for me.
At Body Shape I was regularly measured and weighed to track my progress, which helped my motivation. Back then I weighed more than 15 stone and felt uncomfortable and had started to have joint pains in my knees. The initial weight loss was very encouraging and I felt able to take up running in the local park. My confidence went up and I found it easier to move around. I as started doing up to 30 minutes of exercise in the studio after the machine work. The exercises help to build muscle strength and flexibility. As my body confidence improved I also tried cycling, swimming and a hula hooping class.
Now, my weight is around 11 stone, my posture has improved and I no longer have painful knees. My goal is to get down to 10 stone and I feel I will achieve this with the help of the friendly, caring and motivating staff at Body Shape. The one to one attention is really great. It is like having your own personal trainer. I am so happy that Body Shape opened up where I live, in Hampton.
Andrea Ison

About us

Newly established certified massage and fitness studio “BODY SHAPE” is a novelty in United Kingdom Top quality equipment will help you embellish the body lines, get rid of unwanted pounds, improve the body’s well-being. This not only benefit for your figure but also for your health!

Three different machines with special features will help your body effectively adjust your body shape and really surprise you with their rejuvenating effects. All of our machines function, individually and collectively, create a complex effect on you and your body. You will not have to toil in the gym and the results will exceed your expectations.